Retail Auto Auction - Screenshots

Here is a listing of various screenshots for this program. Typically, new screenshots are only provided for each piece of the program that has changed significantly.

1.6.0 - Customer Screen
In this example, you can see how the interface has been rearranged, changes to how dealership is displayed, a new look for the Bid Pass number, and the cool Photo ID feature.

1.6.0 - Vehicle Screen
Ready to enter a new vehicle. A minimal interface makes data entry quick and effortless.

1.6.0 - Vehicle Search
Note that the search fields have been rearranged so Lot Number is first. Almost all searches are done by Lot Number.


1.6.0 - Transaction Screen
Here is an example vehicle that sold in the auction. Some of the information has been changed to protect the buyer and consignor. In Reno, 2003, a '57 Chevy 210 in perfect condition brought an amazing price of $120,000.

1.6.0 - Transaction Search
A quick search by lot number pulls up a vehicle. This feature allows you to correct mistake and you can even edit transactions that happened at a previous auction.

1.6.0 - Photo ID Card
A low quality shot of the cards printed in Reno, NV 2003. Take a look at bidder.png in the resources folder of the software for a higher quality sample background.


1.3.1 - Main Screen
Note that only the Customer, Vehicle, and Transaction tabs are enabled by default. Also, note the new buyer statistic information at the bottom of the customer screen.

1.3.1 - Tab Control
Here's where the tabs get enabled or disabled.

1.3.1 - Car List Edit
This new interface allows you to easily and quickly correct mistyped make/model information. The other information is for display purposes and is protected from editing. You can also remove duplicate entries through this interface.


1.1.7 - Customer
Entering customer information

1.1.7 - Customer
Customer Interface: Note the auction attendance on the right side.

1.1.7 - Customer Search
Notice you do not need to specify the entire name...


1.1.7 - Vehicle
Adding a vehicle to the auction

1.1.7 - Transaction
Entering information for a sale. Some fields are left blank and are calculated based on defaults.

1.1.7 - Transaction
All values are calculated and confirmation is required.


1.1.7 - Reporting
A drop-down showing some of the available reports.

1.1.7 - Whitesheets
This interface allows you to edit any part of a transaction after it has been entered.

1.1.7 - Admin
Here you can see the list of auctions and do thing like backup the database.


1.1.7 - Printing
Forms to print are selected on the left side. In this shot, it is ready to print Check-In forms for a consignor.


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